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Books published by the Trust, and Trustees themselves, have gained recognition and awards in recent weeks. Some details are set out below:

NAPEX Gold Medal & other Awards for 'Railway Disaster Mail'

At NAPEX, held in Washington D.C. 3rd to 5th June 2011, Robin Gwynn and Norman Hoggarth's 'Railway Disaster Mail' was awarded a Gold Medal, the NAPEX Literature Reserve Grand Award for Handbooks and the American Philatelic Society Award for Research - Literature. Congratulations to Robin and Norman. The book is available from the Trust.

Gavin Fryer invited to sign the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists

Congratulations to Gavin Fryer, one of the Stuart Rossiter Trustees, on becoming RDP. This high award is for his many and varied philatelic roles over many years. He will sign the roll at the philatelic Congress in Portsmouth in June. The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists was established in 1921. An invitation to sign the roll is regarded as the world's pre-eminent philatelic honour. 352 philatelists from 40 countries have signed since 1921.

Express Mail, After Packets and Late Fees in India Before 1870 by Max Smith and Robert Johnson

Congratulations to Max Smith and Robert Johnson, who have been awarded a Large Vermeil medal at Indipex, February 2011, for their book ‘Express Mail, After Packets and Late Fees in India Before 1870’, by published by the Trust in 2008.
The book presents original information into a hitherto unresearched field using data from the Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections in the British Library. It describes the Overland mail within India particularly between Bombay, Calcutta and Madras and the ways by which a sender could get mail across India quickly in either direction. The period covered is from about 1840 up to about 1870, as mail cart and railway services gradually took over carriage of the Overland mail. For the first time, the Express, After Packet and Late Fee services and charges are described from official sources and their successes and failures explained. 294 (A4) pages, profusely illustrated in B/W with 8 colour plates, Card cover. Price £20.00 + postage & packing UK 1st class £5.50, Europe printed paper £8.50, Rest of world printed paper by air £15.00 World surface £8.50.

For details of 'Express Mail, After Packets and Late Fees in India Before 1870’ please click here to go to the Book Page




Trust Sponsored Book - The Type Sage Issue of France by Peter R.A.Kelly, £40.00 + p&p

Order from the author


by David Cornelius

Price excluding postage £38.00

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New Book - Failed Free Handstamps by Robert Galland and John B.Colton, £15.00

Brochure of Failed Free Handstamps

New Book - Besieged in Paris by Ashley Lawrence, £25.00

Brochure of Besieged in Paris

Our Book on Iraq

Brochure of our Iraq Postal History book









by Hugh Feldman

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Bob Swarbrick
THE ROYAL MARINES: Home and Abroad a Postal History 1664-1994 by Bob Swarbrick

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ROYAL REFORM by Charles Goodwyn

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New Channel Islands Forwarding Agents Book Letter Forwarding Agents of Great Britain handling Channel Islands letters 1673 -1855. by David Gurney FRPSL, 170 pages A5 , profusely illustrated in B/W, Ring bound £9.50 + postage & packing ISBN 978-0-9545207-7-9

Brochure of our Channel Islands Letter Forwarders Postal History book

Fleeing From the Fuhrer Fleeing From the Fuhrer by Charmian Brinson and William Kaczsynski

Flyer for Fleeing From the Fuhrer

Volume 3 of Netherlands Mail in Times of Turmoil 1815 - 1839 1795-1815

Brochure of our new Netherlands Mail Vol 3 1815 - 1839 Postal History book

Volume 1 of Netherlands Mail in Times of Turmoil 1568-1795

Brochure of Vol 1 Netherlands Mail 1568-1795 Postal History book

Railway Disaster Mail

Brochure of our Railway Disaster Mail Postal History book



by Mike Scott Archer

Price excluding postage £1.00

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by Barrie Jay

Price excluding postage £20.00

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by Yamil H Kouri Jnr

Price excluding postage £38.50

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