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POSTMAN'S ROOTS. 2000 years of Letter Carrying in Breconshire

by Mike Scott Archer

Handbook to accompany an exhibition in Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery March 1st to April 13th 2003

The handbook was published by the Welsh Philatelic Society, with financial support towards publication from the Stuart Rossiter Trust. '...it will bring back memories of those more reecent times when the Post Office was one of the masin arteries giving life not only to the village communities but also to those many commercial enterprises within the County'.

The handbook is illustrated with many maps starting with Roman Forts & Roads in Breconshire, medieval Drovers trails, Postal and Railway routes. There are lists of villages & post offices, and illustrations of postmarks and pillar boxes.

There is an excellent compact history of the postal service in the UK. The handbook is a good 30 page summary of the growth and changing role of the Royal Mail, and its social interactions.

30+ pages

B/W illustrations

Cover binding: laminated card


Publication date : 2003

Price 1.00 + postage & packing

Places & Subjects: Great Britain Wales

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