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by Robin Gwynn FRPSL, FRPNZ and Norman Hoggarth

This new book deals with mail damaged on the Railways - Railroads by whatever means, anywhere in the world. A 326 page hardback book with colour throughout, it opens a doorway for collectors wishing to pursue a branch of postal history to which until now there has been no printed guide: railway disaster mail.

At NAPEX, held in Washington D.C. 3rd to 5th June 2011, Robin Gwynn and Norman Hoggarth's 'Railway Disaster Mail' won three awards
a Gold Medal,
the NAPEX Literature Reserve Grand Award for Handbooks
and the American Philatelic Society Award for Research - Literature.

The Tay Bridge Disaster 1879

The listing in this volume records cachets, labels and explanatory post office letters used on or with items recovered from rail casualties, also manuscript notes where it seems probable that they were or may have been written by postal authorities. It also includes a handful of cases where no specific explanatory markings or letters are known, but surviving mail can definitely be proven to have been involved in rail accidents. Wherever possible, factual reports have been cited giving details of accidents and background information.

Not only are accidents, derailments and train collisions included but so are train fires, hijackings, hold-ups, looted mail and theft, and the results of train collisions with motor vehicles, natural disasters, washouts, boulders on tracks, land and snow slides, and acts of war. Even Highway Post Office vehicles are included.

Mail from 34 different countries Argentina to Yugoslavia, and Disasters between 1850 and 1995, covering 528 different events is recorded providing a wealth of information for the Postal, Social or Railway Historian. This book opens up a previously unexplored area.

Railway Disaster Mail Countries List Pdf format

326 pages

Colour illustrations

Cover binding: Hardback

ISBN 978-0-9545207-4-8

Publication date : 2010

65.00 + postage & packing

Places & Subjects: Railways Disasters

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