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News and forthcoming events


14th – 17th February at the B.D.C Isalington.

The Stuart Rossiter Trust Lecture

Will be on Friday 9th November 2018 – 5:00 p.m. at The Royal.

Reserve the date!

The Speaker will be Frank Walton RDP, FRPSL.

The title will be confirmed later – but the topic will relate to Aerophilately.

Details of how to apply for your free non-transferable ticket will be in a future e-newsletter

New Years Resolutions

It’s not too late to resolve that 2018 will be the year you write your Postal History book or monograph.

The Stuart Rossiter Trust can help you with research expenses and/or publication costs.

You can contact us at

For an introductory chat about what we can do to help you.

We have been asked, “What’s the difference between a monograph and a book?”

If it’s large it’s a book, if small a monograph.

Not every Postal History topic has enough information to make a book, but some could make a monograph. Not every Author wants to tackle a book. A monograph being larger than an article in a Journal, but smaller than a book, can be the answer. The Trustees would be pleased to hear from authors who could write a Monograph on a Postal History

The Rossiter Newsletter No40 – Download